When people come to Healthy Horizon Insurance Agency, they’re often already pretty confused or frustrated. That’s not surprising given what the average person has to deal with just to get covered to go to the doctor.

If you’ve never really looked in detail at today’s modern insurance world, going to a broker might not seem to make a lot of sense. After all, some companies are offering quick quotes, quick applications and quick sign-ups.

Sadly, most of these companies are outright scams. Some do make an effort to provide some type of policies, but the best bet for those who aren’t already covered is to look at state marketplaces, which are extremely hard to navigate. Those websites are not infallible, and the phone support is often hit or miss – and that’s being charitable. For multiple reasons, the system is in crisis – it suffers from a profound disorganization that isn’t going away any time soon.

The Role of Brokers

Our goal is to make the insurance market transparent to you.

We use our professional experience – our day-to-day work with deductibles, lifetime limits, co-pays and coinsurance and more – to help you to understand what your options are and which one to utilize in order to fit your budget and your goals. That’s not simple to do – and many people need assistance even if they are used to dealing with contracts. Unfortunately, the average policy is not a contract in the conventional sense – it has other complications related to the context of the insurance market. It’s frustrating!

Here’s how we put it on our website – “in today’s healthcare industry, information can be very complicated and difficult to understand – our focus and mission is to provide honest, transparent and hassle-free guidance.”

Unlike companies that just sign you up for ACA coverage during an enrollment window, we work year-round with customers to make sure their coverage fits their needs and that they have the best possible strategy in place. Talk to Healthy Horizon Insurance Agency about how to cut through the red tape in the insurance world, and get closer to what your family needs. We help with telephone, online and in-person enrollment, and we know that one of these might make more sense for you, but we always approach this sensitive job with care and attention to detail to understand a family’s particular situation. Every family is different! And where there is not a national healthcare system that covers everybody, the majority of us have to become experts in coverage just to know what we can expect when we get a medical bill. It’s not a great prospect – but we are here to help.

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